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Amazfit Active Edge Okosóra (sötétkék)

63.890 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. június 28.
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: W2212EU2N
Cikkszám: 059223
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63.890 Ft


Smartwatch Amazfit Active Edge (Midnight Pulse)

The Amazfit Active Edge (Midnight Pulse) smartwatch combines advanced technology and a sporty design to meet the needs of the most active users. Its multifunctionality, military-tested durability, and comprehensive health and fitness monitoring make it an ideal choice for those who prioritize fitness and health. Designed for both avid athletes and those looking to better understand and improve their daily lifestyle, the Amazfit Active Edge is a reliable companion in any situation.

Two-Tone Design

The modern and unique two-tone design in shades of red and black sets the watch apart from the competition. The 1.32-inch elegant TFT display features a clear and readable interface, making using the watch easy and enjoyable.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring

The Amazfit Active Edge offers advanced health monitoring, including heart rate, stress level, blood oxygen, and sleep quality. Using PAI Health Assessment and SomnusCare™ features, the watch provides personalized guidance to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

SomnusCare™ and Intelligent Health Notifications

The SomnusCare™ feature provides a comprehensive insight into sleep quality, analyzing different sleep phases and naps. Health notifications, such as low SpO₂ levels or high heart rate, enable quick response and potential consultation with a doctor.

Durability and Resistance

The Amazfit Active Edge undergoes 7 tests compliant with military standards MIL-STD-810G, demonstrating its exceptional durability. Resistant to shocks, extreme temperatures, and high pressure (10 ATM), it performs perfectly in any conditions.

Scientific Training Guidance

With the Zepp Coach™ feature, the watch provides personalized training plans based on AI. With over 130 sports modes and advanced training analysis, it becomes an excellent tool for sports enthusiasts.

Navigation and Connectivity

The Amazfit Active Edge offers 5 satellite positioning systems and route navigation. Phone connectivity allows for camera control, receiving notifications, and accessing other useful functions.

Zepp Aura - Personalized Music and Bedtime Stories

Zepp Aura is an innovative feature that creates personalized music and bedtime stories using biometric data. Thanks to AI, the music and stories are adjusted in real-time, ensuring relaxation and better sleep.

Understanding Specialized Data with PeakBeats™

The PeakBeats™ algorithm assesses specialized data such as VO2 Max, training load, and training effect. This allows for tracking progress and performance in a more professional manner.

Powerful Features

The watch also offers other features such as Bluetooth camera control, stopwatch, alarm, weather forecast, and "Find My Phone" function. Its 370mAh battery provides up to 16 days of usage on a single charge, making it extremely efficient.

Package Contents

  • Watch with strap
  • Magnetic charging pad
  • Instruction manual


Brand Amazfit
Model Active Edge
Color Mint
Display 1.32” TFT, 360 x 360 pixels, 2.5D glass, and AF coating
Battery Capacity 370mAh
Battery Life 16 days
Water Resistance 10ATM
Military Standard 7 U.S military standard (MIL-STD-810G)
Dimensions 46.62 x 46.62 x 12mm
Buttons 4
Operating System Zepp OS
Apps Zepp OS
Supported Devices Android 7.0 and newer, iOS 14.0 and newer