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Mini car compressor HOTO Air Pump PRO QWCQB003

25.990 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. június 28.
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: QWCQB003
Cikkszám: 061180
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25.990 Ft


HOTO Air Pump PRO QWCQB003 mini car compressor

Mini car compressor by HOTO is an indispensable tool for every driver. This handy device will allow you to refill the air in your car tires, unicycles and inflatable accessories in no time. The compressor is equipped with a display that provides real-time pressure information, as well as a useful LED light. Intuitive design, simple operation and efficient operation are the features that make this device reliable in any situation.


Easy operation

Inflating tires will not cause you any problem. All you have to do is set the desired value in one of the available modes - car mode (36 psi), motorcycle mode (35 psi), bicycle mode (45 psi) or ball mode (8 psi), and then start the device with the touch of a button. Once the planned value is reached (the margin of error is 1 psi), the compressor will automatically stop pumping. That's why using the Air Pump Pro is so easy and safe!


For every driver

The new version of the compressor has been improved in many ways. Now, in addition to PSI and Bar units, you can also use kPa. What's more, the included hose has been extended up to 70 cm, so you can also refill the air in larger tires of vehicles such as SUVs, etc. without any problems. What's more, the compressor is 85% more efficient compared to the previous model - we managed to reduce the pumping time from 130 to only 70 seconds!


Efficient operation

The device is great for traveling and many other scenarios. Thanks to a powerful 2500 mAh battery, a fully charged one will refill the air of up to 15 tires! Also noteworthy is the improved heat dissipation system, thanks to which the compressor does not overheat and does not create danger.


Tips included

With the mini compressor you get a range of popular nozzles and needles that will make it easier to handle tires of cars and motorcycles, as well as balls. You'll store all the accessories in a convenient, sleek bag, so they'll be on hand whenever you need them!



  • HOTO Air Pump PRO mini car compressor
  • Quick connect adapter
  • Pump needle
  • French nozzle adapter
  • Nozzle adapter
  • Storage bag
  • Type C charging cable
  • User manual
Manufacturer HOTO
Model QWCQB003
Product Size Approximately 192.45 x 128.35 x 55.5 mm
Product Weight Approximately 850 g
Air tube length Approximately 700 mm (includes US air valve port, no thread)
Battery type Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Noise level Approximately 80 dB (measured at a distance of 1 m from the product)
Battery capacity 2500mAh 27Wh
Rated Voltage 5V⎓=3A
Nominal Voltage 10.8V
Charging Time Approximately 3h