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Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2 cleaning robot

137.990 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. július 26.
Szállítási díj: 1.690 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: RLD32GD
Cikkszám: 065370
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137.990 Ft


Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2 cleaning robot

Sit back and relax while the Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2 robot takes care of the cleaning for you! With a suction power of up to 6,000 Pa, the device eliminates dirt in no time, and its powerful 5200 mAh battery provides up to 285 minutes of run time. A dedicated app will allow you to conveniently adjust settings, create virtual barriers and more, and voice assistant compatibility allows you to manage your vacuuming with simple commands. The robot can also thoroughly mop floors and automatically empty its dust tank.

Vormax™ system - efficient vacuuming

Thanks to the Vormax™ system and a suction power of 6000 Pa, the robot quickly and effectively deals with even the most stubborn dirt. The device can easily handle dust, crumbs and dander - useful for pet owners, allergy sufferers and more. What's more, the floating rubber brush makes the D10 Plus Gen 2 perfect for carpets, too.

It will clean the floors for you

The D10 Plus Gen 2 robot will not only vacuum the floors in your home, but also wet mop them. The device is equipped with a 150 ml water tank and offers three flow levels to choose from. It will fantastically handle even stubborn stains without leaving streaks or stains. Adjust its operation to your expectations and enjoy a spotlessly clean floor!

Automatic dust tank emptying

The Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2 automatically empties its dust tank using the included station. It is equipped with a large 4-liter bag that lasts up to 90 days of use. That means you only need to replace it once every three months or so!

Long working time

The Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2 cleaning robot is equipped with a powerful 5200 mAh battery, which provides up to 285 minutes of vacuuming and mopping time (in Quiet mode). This makes it great for both small apartments and large homes! You also don't have to worry about charging it. When the battery is about to run out, the robot will automatically head to the station, and when it recharges, it will go back to work.

Smart solutions

With advanced Smart Pathfinder™ technology, the robot will find its way around your home perfectly. The Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2 generates detailed room maps, thoroughly cleans every corner and effectively avoids obstacles in its path. It also easily clears thresholds up to 20 mm high and detects the edges of stairs - you don't have to worry about it falling and being damaged. What's more, the device automatically increases the suction power when vacuuming carpets to even better remove dirt hidden in their fibers.

More possibilities with the app

Download the dedicated Dreamehome app and get more capabilities. With it, for example, you can edit the map generated by the robot and customize the cleaning method for each room. Don't want the device to access a certain area, such as your child's toys or your dog's bed? Just designate a forbidden zone or a virtual barrier!

Voice control

The possibilities don't end there. The Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2 is compatible with several voice assistants, such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. This means you don't even have to reach for your phone to operate it! Just give the right command and watch the robot get on with the cleaning - just a few words.


  • Cleaning robot
  • Charging and emptying station
  • Side brush
  • Dust bag x2
  • Cleaning tool
  • Power cord
  • Water tank
  • Mopping pad
  • User manual


Model Dreame D10 Plus Gen 2
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Suction power 6000 Pa
Dust container capacity 400 ml
Water tank capacity 150 ml
Operating time Up to 285 min
Mopping function Yes (mopping pad)
Self-cleaning function No
Navigation system LDS + Mechanical Barrier Avoidance