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Earbuds TWS 1MORE FIT OPEN (gray)

43.890 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. július 26.
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: EF906-Grey
Cikkszám: 055910
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43.890 Ft


TWS 1MORE FIT OPEN wireless earbuds (gray)

Experience amazing sound with the TWS 1MORE FIT OPEN wireless earbuds, which feature PurePower drivers with a DLC diaphragm. Their innovative design, IPX7 water resistance and up to 38 hours of operating time are a guarantee of comfort. In addition, 5 minutes of charging allows you to gain as much as 2 additional hours of playback. The dual microphone with AI ENC algorithm ensures top-notch call quality, and Bluetooth 5.3 allows you to enjoy reliable transmission over distances of up to 10 meters.


A feast for the senses

Discover the subtle nuances of sound with advanced PurePower drivers that precisely reproduce every note, increasing the sound power by up to 40%. The DLC diaphragm used guarantees balanced sound and rich detail. Now you can hear percussion beats or sonorous chords, making you feel like you're attending a music festival.


Clear phone calls

1MORE earbuds provide crystal clear two-way communication. Using 4 powerful MEMS microphones and an advanced deep neural network (DNN)-based algorithm, your voice is accurately recorded and ambient noise is reduced by up to 30 dB. Communicate with your loved ones with ease, no matter where you are.


Stable Bluetooth connection

The latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology provides lower power consumption, strong protection against interference, easy access to entertainment sources and wide compatibility. Forget about transmission problems and enjoy a stable connection over a distance of up to 10 meters!


12 Equalizer Settings

FIT OPEN earbuds offer 12 Equalizer settings. They allow you to personalize your sound and give it a unique touch, whether you prefer hip-hop, classical or electronic music. Take your musical experience to a new level with 1MORE!


Touch control

You no longer need to reach for your smartphone to manage your music player, answer or end calls, or activate the voice assistant. All you have to do is press the handset in the right place! In addition, when you remove the equipment from your ears, the music will automatically pause. From now on, you won't miss your favorite part of any song!


Practical design

What sets the 1MORE earbuds apart is an open design that doesn't block outside sounds, allowing you to hear car noises while biking, running or walking. This increases awareness of your surroundings and safety during outdoor activities. The equipment is also extremely lightweight - the weight of one earphone is just 10 g, and it stays firmly in place thanks to practical ear hooks. In addition, it perfectly adapts to the shape of your ears, ensuring comfortable wearing for a long time. An additional advantage is the IPX7 water resistance.


Impressive runtime

Be assured that your music will not leave you even during long journeys. One charge of the 1MORE earbuds provides up to 11 hours of use. The included charging case allows you to extend this time to up to 38 hours. What's more, with fast charging, just 5 minutes of renewed power is enough to enjoy an additional 2 hours of playback. The headphones also support Qi wireless charging. You decide how you prefer to renew their energy!



  • Earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Charging cable
  • Three pairs of interchangeable caps (XS / S / M)
  • User manual
Manufacturer 1MORE
ModelEF906 Transducers
PurePower Impedance
16 Ω Bluetooth version
5.3 Bluetooth range
up to 10 m Bluetooth protocol
HFP / A2DP / AVRCP Handset battery capacity
60 mAh Battery capacity of the case
500 mAh Earphone charging time
80 minutes Charging time of the case
90 minutes Working time of the earbuds
11 hours or 38 hours (with charging case) Input
5V 1A Operating temperature
0 ℃ to 45 ℃ Frequency range
2.400 GHz to 2.4835 GHz Weight of the handset
10 g Weight of the case
63 g Dimensions of earbuds
50.68 x 38.27 x 20.26 mm Dimensions of case
86 x 65 x 29.8 mm Color