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Earphones TWS1MORE ComfoBuds Mini, ANC (black)

25.490 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. július 26.
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: ES603-Black
Cikkszám: 047458
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25.490 Ft


1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Headphones (black)

Take your music experience to the next level with 1MORE. The ComfoBuds Mini headphones feature 7mm dynamic drivers for crystal clear sound. They use patented QuietMax technology that effectively eliminates ambient noise, and offer 4-mode noise cancellation. The built-in microphones allow you to carry on conversations with ease, and they have an operating time of up to 24 hours. They also feature a lightweight, ergonomic and waterproof design for dreamlike comfort.

Fantastic sound quality

Listen to the sounds of your favorite songs. The ComfoBuds Mini are equipped with 7-millimeter dynamic drivers that provide high quality sound. As a result, you can enjoy clear, crisp sound free of distortion. They also use the SoundID system, which will perfectly adjust the sound to your preferences. In addition, the headphones support QuietMax hybrid active noise cancellation technology, which reduces noise up to 40 dB. This allows you to fully lose yourself in the music and forget about the world around you!

With different user needs in mind

With ComfoBuds Mini, you can fully focus on the sounds of your favorite songs or podcasts. The headphones offer 4 noise cancellation modes that you can easily adjust to any situation. With ANC Strong mode, you can cut yourself off from the outside world and focus on what's important to you, even if you're in a noisy train station or airport. ANC Mild mode will keep you calm while relaxing in a crowded cafe or bustling office. WNR will let you enjoy clear sound even on extremely windy days, while Transparency mode will let you stay in touch with your surroundings without having to take off your headphones.

Made for conversations

Conveniently talk on the phone wherever you want. Each handset has 2 built-in high-quality microphones that will reliably record every word. They also use an innovative DNN algorithm that effectively eliminates ambient noise. As a result, you can be sure that your callers will hear everything you have to say to them.

Long working time

Now you can listen to music without worrying about your headphones suddenly running out of power. The durable battery allows up to 6 hours of use when ANC is off or up to 5 hours when it's on. You'll also find a charging case included to extend their runtime to as much as 24 hours. Thanks to the fast charging feature, after just 10 minutes of charging you can use the headphones for another 90 minutes! What's more, they support QI wireless charging technology, so you can easily renew the energy in them with an induction charger.

Bluetooth technology

Are you worried about interference and delays? Don't be! The innovative Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which offers fast and stable signal transmission with lower power consumption, is responsible for reliable connection with the selected device. So you can be sure that nothing will interfere with your music session! Pairing the headphones is exceptionally easy - just connect them to your device once, and each time they will connect to it automatically when removed from the case.

Compact and lightweight

The headphones' compact and ultra-lightweight design will give you the comfort you've been dreaming of - each headphone weighs just 3.7 grams. The carefully considered design means you can listen to music freely for hours without worrying about discomfort or feeling tired. The headphones are also IPX5 waterproof, so you can use them even during an intense workout at the gym or while walking in rainy weather. There is also a dedicated app at your disposal, where you can find specially prepared nature sounds to help you calm your thoughts and relax after a hard day


  • headphones
  • case
  • replaceable rubber bands x4


Manufacturer 1MORE
Model ES603
Name ComfoBuds Mini
Color Black
Bluetooth version 5.2
Range Up to 10 meters (open space)
Bluetooth protocol HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Codec AAC / SBC
Transducers 7 mm
Impedance 32 Ω
Water resistance IPX5
Headphone charging time 70 minutes
Charging time of the case 90 minutes
Operating time Up to 6 hours
Up to 24 hours (with case)
Battery capacity 34 mAh x2 (headphones)
440 mAh (case)
Input 5V = 0.7 A
Application 1MORE Music
Dimensions of a single earphone 17 x 15 x 13 mm
Dimensions of the case 56.5 x 50 x 24.5 mm
Weight of a single handset 3,7 g
Weight of the case 34,9 g
Working temperature 0°C ~ 45°C