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Precision screwdriver kit pro Hoto QWLSD012 + electronics repair kit

19.890 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. június 28.
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: QWLSD012
Cikkszám: 050416
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Személyes és telefonos ügyfélszolgálat
19.890 Ft


Electric precision screwdriver HOTO QWLSD012 electronics repair kit

The HOTO QWLSD012 kit will come in handy for minor repairs to your laptop, smartphone, watch, camera, etc. In the package you will find a precision screwdriver and various types of bits, magnetic pad, tweezers, undermining tools, etc. On the other hand, the dedicated case allows you to store all the items in one place and keep them in order. You also don't have to worry about losing them.


Precision screwdriver

With the precision screwdriver, you can quickly and conveniently screw in screws. It offers 2 levels of torque (0.05±0.03N-m and 0.2±0.08N-m), so you can adjust its performance according to the equipment you are repairing. It provides quick and convenient installation of bits, and has an LED backlight. In turn, the non-slip finish increases the comfort of use. In addition, it is distinguished by convenient charging - just place it in the case.


Bit set

In the case you will find a number of durable bits made of S2 steel, which will prove useful in various situations. The package contains bits of 45 mm (e.g. Phillips, flat, hex) and 28 mm (e.g. torx, posidriv, triangular). With their help you will repair small devices, including a watch and a smartphone.


Multifunction tools

In addition to the screwdriver and bits, the kit includes such items as tweezers, undermount and opening tools, an anti-static band and a magnetic pad. What's more, the suction cup will allow you to quickly and conveniently remove the back of the smartphone case. On the other hand, a set of cubes made of durable material ensures durability and makes it easier to open narrow slots, such as in a laptop.


Built-in magnetizer/demagnetizer

The case has a built-in magnetizer that will improve the magnetic properties of the bits. In turn, the demagnetizer eliminates electromagnetic field interference, which will allow you to repair your laptop, tablet, smartphone, camera or watch.


In the set

  • precision screwdriver
  • case
  • magnetic pad
  • bits: 45 mm (Phillips PH0/PH1, flat SL2.0, hex H2.0, torx security T8H/T10H); 28 mm (Phillips PH000/PH00, flat SL1.5, hex H0.7/H.09 /H1.5, torx T2/T3/T4, security torx T5H/T6H/T9H, pentagon P2/P5, pozidriv W1.5, Y-shaped Y0.6, tri-wing TW1, U-shaped U2.6, triangular 2.3)
  • undermining tool x3 (straight, curved, metal)
  • plastic undermining tool x3
  • tool for opening devices
  • anti-static band
  • set of undermining cubes x5
  • tweezers x2 (flat, curved)
  • suction cup
  • USB charging cable
Manufacturer HOTO
Model QWLSD012
Dimensions (case) 215.5 x 121.8 x 26.5 mm
Charging port USB-C
LED backlight yes
Torque level I: 0.05±0.03N-m; II: 0.2±0.08N-m
Material (bits) S2 steel