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Smartmi Fan Heater

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Várható szállítás: 2024. július 26.
Szállítási díj: 1.690 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: ZNNFJ07ZM
Cikkszám: 024205
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Smartmi Fan Heater

Intelligent convection heater will quickly and effectively heat any space. Innovative solutions and design of the device allow you to make maximum use of its capabilities to always enjoy the right temperature.

Warmth in every place

Wide, 90 degree air outlet system allows for quick and accurate heating of every room. The warm air ejection on 1.5m gives it a stable flow, so the heat reaches every angle.

Fast action

The PTC ceramic heating system with an enormous power of 2000 W starts to raise the temperature after only 3 seconds from commissioning, and after only 10 seconds it reaches a stable operating level. In combination with an efficient air outlet mode, the heater heats the space to the desired temperature in a very short time.

Quiet engine operation

Despite the air outlet principle, the device works very quietly. The motor is designed to emit only a minimum of sound, thanks to the use of special shaped fan blades. Despite a quiet 36 dB operation, the heater remains extremely efficient.

Green design

The device was constructed using environmentally friendly materials that comply with the EU RoHS directive, which does not allow the use of substances harmful to health or the environment. At the same time, the ABS polycarbonate material used is extremely durable and resistant to high temperatures.

Wireless operation

The heater can be controlled even from the bed with a remote control. The minimalist, small controller is designed to make it easy to operate. There is no need to direct it directly towards the heater, 2.4 GHz remote control can handle any position.

Simplified modes of operation

An easy and intuitive way to choose between two main modes: warm and moderate air. In addition, the device has four predefined operating modes, varying in operating time and air temperature setting, designed to meet the needs of each user.

Security systems

The heater is equipped with special protections to ensure maximum comfort. If the device overheats or overturns, the safety system will automatically cut off the power supply and the heater will switch off. Additionally, by connecting the convector to the Xiaomi Home application, you can turn on the child protection.

Compact size

The small, compact size of the device allows it to be used in any room. With only 0.05 m2 of space it becomes comfortable to use and store.

Manufacturer Smartmi
Model Intelligent convection heater
Manufacturer code ZNNFJ07ZM
Rated power 2000W
Rated voltage 230V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Color White
Wi-Fi frequency 2.4 GHz
Size 230 x 220 x 608 mm