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Smartwatch Haylou LS02 Pro (blue)

11.590 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. július 26.
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: LS02 Pro 2024 Blue
Cikkszám: 062152
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11.590 Ft


Smartwatch Haylou LS02 Pro (blue)

Introducing a smartwatch that exceeds the capabilities of an ordinary watch! Haylou LS02 Pro will become your personal assistant! Notifications, useful functions to monitor your health, workout measurements and much more. All this on your wrist! The smartwatch features a 1.85-inch screen with impressive colors and a long-lasting battery, allowing up to 20 days of use in basic mode. It features a sleek design and robust construction with IP68 protection. You can personalize its look with more than a hundred dials, and with a few additional features, you can use it to start a self-timer on the camera, find a lost phone and set an alarm. Check out what else it will surprise you with!


Easy-to-read screen

With the LS02 Pro, every touch and swipe on the screen becomes easy and intuitive. Taking full advantage of the 1.85-inch screen with a resolution of 240 x 284, you gain access to exceptionally vivid and detailed images. The clarity and sharpness of the display is a guarantee that no notification or statistics of your physical activity will escape your attention. An impressive screen-to-body ratio of 65.8% means that every inch of your smartwatch is used to its maximum potential, offering you a comfortable surface to interact on.


Customize to your preferences

The LS02 Pro smartwatch offers more than 100 vivid, crisp dial suggestions. You can also choose from 3 view modes, so you can easily customize the look of the watch to suit your preferences. A minimalist interface or a full-color dial? Or perhaps a photo taken by you? The choice is yours!


Guarding your health

Now you can take care of your health effortlessly! LS02 Pro monitors your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation - even at night! So you can quickly catch any changes and react to them quickly. The smartwatch also offers a variety of breathing exercises to help you lower your stress levels. Check your results in real time and gain full control!


He works while you sleep

Feeling tired and can't remember what it means to be sleepy? With a smartwatch, you can easily develop healthier sleep habits! LS02 Pro monitors your sleep, creating graphs that tell you how long each phase of your sleep lasts. Regularly tracking this information will allow you to catch how stress or changes in diet or physical activity affect the quality of your sleep, and then according to this information, implement healthier habits that will allow you to finally rest!


Cycles under control

LS02 Pro is reliable when it comes to monitoring women's health. It is a solution to track your cycles and stay on top of changes. After entering basic information, LS02 Pro will help you predict the date of your upcoming menstruation by sending you a timely notification! You no longer have to worry about being surprised at the least opportune moment!


Workout and break your own records

The smartwatch offers up to 100 sports modes, taking into account the most popular sports. The use of high-precision sensors allows you to record your movements, providing you with such information as the number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled. Work on your form by setting goals and breaking your records every day!


Thoughtful design

This model features a sleek design and integrated metal construction, whose matte finish gives it a luxurious look. However, looks are not everything! The IP68 rating is a guarantee of durability - it is not afraid of sweat, so without any worries it can accompany you during an intense workout - even the one in the rain!


Your personal assistant

Now you have access to important information at your fingertips! Connected to your phone via Bluetooth, the smartwatch allows you to receive calls, making it convenient to talk on the phone without having to take it out of your pocket. In addition, it will notify you of incoming voice messages, as well as app notifications, so you won't miss any more important messages!


Durable battery

A single charge of the smartwatch provides up to 20 days of use in basic mode. Daily use in the other functions mode allows for 10 days of operation. So you don't have to worry about the battery draining too quickly.


Other convenient features

How else will the LS02 Pro make your life easier? Connect it to your phone via an app and make the most of its capabilities by setting an alarm, managing your music player or using the self-timer on your smartphone's camera. Don't know where your phone is? The practical "Find phone" function will allow you to locate it from the smartwatch!



  • Smartwatch
  • Charging cable
  • User manual
Manufacturer Haylou
Model LS02 Pro
Color Blue
Dimensions 48.82 x 37.70 x 10.83 mm
Weight 51.4 g (with strap)
Resolution 240 x 284
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery capacity 250 mAh
Input 5V 500 mA
Battery life 10 days (in 24-hour heart rate monitoring mode)
Degree of protection IP68
Operating temperature -10℃ - 60℃
Data synchronization platform Haylou Fun
Compatibility with systems Android 6.0 ; iOS 9.0