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Universal Rotary tool HOTO QWLDM001 35-in-1 (Black)

15.390 Ft
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Várható szállítás: 2024. július 26.
Szállítási díj: 990 Ft
Gyártó cikkszám: QWLDM001
Cikkszám: 037151
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15.390 Ft


The HOTO brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.


HOTO QWLDM001 35-in-1 Universal Rotary tool

The HOTO QWLDM001 rotary tool is a versatile tool that will find plenty of uses in the home or workshop. Thanks to the included accessories, it allows you to, among other things, make holes, grind, engrave leather and more. It is ideal for a variety of DIY jobs. It allows 5-position speed adjustment up to a maximum of 25,000rpm, and has been equipped with a heavy-duty rechargeable battery that provides up to 50 minutes of run time. At the same time, the device is extremely lightweight and comfortable to use.

Impressive performance

A built-in motor is responsible for the efficient operation of the tool, which is distinguished by a torque of up to 0.9N.m. There is also a 5-stage speed adjustment within the range of 5,000-25,000rpm. So you can optimally adjust the operation of the device to your needs. A special ring allows you to conveniently change the settings.

Long working time

The tool features a cordless design, so you can free yourself from cables and gain more freedom of movement. What's more, the durable 2000mAh battery means that a fully charged device can run for up to 50 minutes. You'll also find a practical base that allows you to conveniently charge and store the product.

Practical accessories included

Enhance the capabilities of your tool with the included accessories. Among other things, you'll find a drill bit, various types of cutters, grinding rings and polishing discs in the package. You can also take advantage of the detachable dust cover that will protect your eyes and skin while you work, increasing the safety of use. Convenient storage of the tool and accessories is made possible by the included case.

Many applications

With so many available accessories and great capabilities, the HOTO brand universal rotary tool will be perfect for a variety of applications. You will successfully use it when working on DIY projects, you will also find it useful for hand engraving leather or smoothing wood. You can also use it for sanding and polishing selected items.

Comfortable operation

Enjoy comfortable use. The rotary tool weighs only 250g and fits perfectly in your hand. Its housing is made of sandblasted TPU plastic, and the place where your fingers rest is covered with rubber, which guarantees a more secure grip. There is also a special LED backlight, which makes it easier to work in low light and automatically turns off 7 seconds after the device is turned off. What's more, the specially designed head clamp is compatible with 3mm accessories and ensures a stable hold.

In the box

  • Rotary tool
  • Charging base
  • Case
  • Head clip 2.35mm
  • Drilling bit 3.2mm
  • Grinding heads (sand ring x4, cylindrical red corundum grinding head 6mm x1, conical red corundum grinding head 6mm x1, sand ring tensioning wheel x1)
  • Milling cutters (round head 3mm x1, cylinder head 3mm x1, conical head 3mm x1)
  • Brushes (nylon brush x1, 19mm diameter metal disk brush x1)
  • Diamond grinding head (rough sand spherical grinding head x1)
  • Polishing wheels (felt wheel x1, felt wheel core bar x1)
  • Cutter (22mm diamond cutter x4, cutter core bar x1)
  • Spanner x1
  • Dust cover x1
Brand HOTO
Name HOTO 35-in-1 Rotary Tool
Model QWLDM001
Speed 5,000-25,000rpm
Torque 0.9N.m
Battery Lithium-ion
Battery capacity 2Ah
Charging voltage 5V 1A
Rated voltage 3.6V
Charging time Approx. 180 min
Operating time Approx. 50 min
Weight Approx. 250g
Dimensions 30.3x190mm