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Viomi Alpha 3 robotporszívó porgyűjtő állomással

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Várható szállítás: 2024. július 22.
Szállítási díj: 1.690 Ft
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Viomi Alpha 3 cleaning robot

No more tedious vacuuming and mopping of floors - the Viomi Alpha 3 cleaning robot will take care of it for you! With a suction power of as much as 2,800Pa, the device perfectly handles dirt, and its long-lasting battery provides up to 180 minutes of run time. You also don't have to worry about washing the product's mopping pads - the included station with clean and dirty water tanks is responsible for this. What's more, you can conveniently control the robot using the Mi Home app.

Impressive performance

The Viomi Alpha 3 robot will deal with dirt in no time. Its suction power reaches 2,800Pa - it will easily remove dust, crumbs, hair and other debris. What's more, the device can not only vacuum the floor, but also wet mop it. Thanks to the vibration function of the mopping pad, it effectively eliminates even extremely stubborn stains. It is also possible to customize its operation using the app. There are different cleaning modes and suction levels to choose from.

Long working time

The Viomi Alpha 3 is equipped with a long-lasting battery, so it can run continuously for up to 180 minutes. This is enough to thoroughly vacuum floors with a total area of up to 180m2! The robot is therefore perfect for both smaller and larger apartments. You also don't have to remember to charge it. When the battery is close to running out, the Alpha 3 will automatically head to the station, and after replenishing the energy, it will return to work where it left off.

Made for your apartment

This practical device will easily find its way into your home. It's equipped with an advanced laser system that allows it to precisely scan rooms, map them and plan optimal cleaning routes. It also easily overcomes obstacles up to 2cm high - it is not afraid of thresholds or carpets. At the same time, the robot works surprisingly quietly - its volume level is only about 72dB. Do not be afraid of annoying noise!

It will take care of the cleanliness of the mop pad itself

Forget about having to wash the robot's mopping pads yourself. The included station will do it for you! How it works. While washing your floors, the Alpha 3 will at some point automatically return to the station. There the mopping pad will be thoroughly cleaned. The robot will then continue cleaning from where it left off. The station is equipped with 2 4-liter tanks - for clean and dirty water. This ensures that the dirt will not end up back on the floor!

Reliable also on carpets

Does your home have a carpet? Viomi Alpha 3 will not disappoint your expectations! It will easily detect it during cleaning and automatically increase the suction power on it to thoroughly vacuum the crumbs, dust, hair and other dirt hidden in its fibers. It will also lift the mop pad to prevent it from getting wet. There is also a carpet avoidance function in the app - turn it on and the robot will automatically avoid them.

Plenty of possibilities with the app

Combine the robot with the Mi Home app and get even more possibilities. Now you can not only remotely control the robot and change cleaning modes, but also, for example, create work schedules for it and indicate specific rooms that should be cleaned. Don't want the Alpha 3 to have access to a certain place, such as a child's room? Just set up a virtual wall or a forbidden zone! Check out what else is waiting for you.

Control the robot with your voice

The convenience doesn't end there. Don't have your phone handy, don't want to get up from your comfortable armchair, and think you could use some cleaning? You don't have to move from your seat anymore! Alpha 3 is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart assistants. This means you can control it with simple voice commands. With just a few words, the device will get down to business!

In the box

  • Cleaning robot
  • Dust box
  • Filter screen
  • Main brush
  • Main brush cover
  • Mopping pad x2
  • Side brush x2
  • Cleaning station
  • Fresh water tank
  • Dirty water tank
  • Sewage mesh
  • Power cable
  • Cleaning tool
Brand Viomi
Model Alpha 3
Suction power (max.) 2800Pa
Battery capacity 5200mAh
Operating time (in Quiet mode) Up to 180 minutes
Charging time About 4h
Recommended cleaning area (in Quiet mode) ≤180m2
Volume level ≤72dB
Climbing ability Up to 2cm
Rated power 55W
Output voltage 14.4V
Station's clean water tank capacity 4l
Station's dirty water tank capacity 4l
App Mi Home
Voice assistants compatibility Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Dimensions Ø350x95mm
Weight 3.2kg